What do I need to bring?

Just be willing to learn! No materials are necessary, but if you would want to, you could always bring something to take notes with – we just ask that you pay attention. If you get hungry, you may need to bring money, as we do not provide food and Peet’s Coffee is available just outside the conference area.

Will there be time to ask questions?

Of course! We request that each speaker leave a little time for conversation and Q&A with students in the audience.

Where can I register?

Click on this link! For future reference, the home page also has a button and there is one at the footer as well.

Will there be food available?

We do not provide food : / However, we are located in the Capital One Café, which also hosts Peet’s Coffee just outside the conference area!

Contact Us

You can also email us here with questions, requests, recommendations, and more!